Fuli Pala Indonesia: General Specification and How to Choose The Best Supplier

Indonesia is a country that is known as the producer of various spices. One of the most popular ones is fuli pala Indonesia. For this spice, Indonesia supplies more than 75% of the world’s demand, which is around 20,000 tons per year. It shows how this commodity becomes one of the important parts of the Indonesian spices trade. Here, you will learn more about what Fuli Pala is and where to get it. Let’s start!

What is Fuli Pala Indonesia?

Fuli Pala or nutmeg mace is a thin membrane that covers the nutmeg seed. This red thin membrane separates the seed and flesh. In the past, people tended to throw away this part before they finally found that the mace has many benefits. It also can be used for various purposes.

Nowadays, you can easily find a product made of Fuli Pala in the online store. Each of them has different varieties and uses. But mostly, they are the product for adding extra aroma to your cooking. Other than that, this part is also material needed by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The study to find out other benefits and usage of the mace is still going on these days. Who knows, maybe in the future, we will find more exciting and surprising benefits from this ingredient? One thing is for sure, you will get more advantages from it.

General Specification of Fuli Pala Indonesia

So, are you interested in fuli pala Indonesia? If you want to try it, the first thing you should know is the specification of this ingredient. That way, you can find out where you should look for this product, and then buy them. Let’s see the general specification of Fuli Pala Indonesia.

The mace part is available in two different types, which are the ground and non-ground types. The ground type is called aril and the non-ground type is called a blade. The original size of the nutmeg mace is around 35 mm long. Depending on the size of the seed, the mace size also could vary from one nutmeg fruit to another.

To get the best nutmeg mace, it should be dried first before packaging. Then, it will produce the aroma and taste that you need. During the drying process, the nutmeg mace will lose its natural bright red color. Furthermore, the shape also becomes a bit brittle.

Despite its shape and appearance transformation, the nutmeg mace is still consumable. However, to ensure that you will get the best nutmeg mace, make sure it still has softness after the drying process. Then, when you squeeze the mace, it produces a small amount of oil. That is the best nutmeg mace you can get on the market.

As for the fuli pala Indonesia process, there are several things that you also need to know. The mace should be hand-picked and selected. Therefore, you can only get the high-quality mace in the package. Moreover, it should have 10% of moisture, which keeps it fresh until you use it. Then, it has good packaging that protects it from damage.

What is Fuli Pala Used For?

Why are people looking for Fuli Pala? The answer is easy. This plant has various benefits. However, the most popular way to use nutmeg mace is for cooking and health treatment. You can buy the product from an online store for these two and use it right away.

In cooking, nutmeg mace spices are known for their spicy and bitter taste. It also has a strong aroma, like the nutmeg seed. However, the aroma is much softer than the seed. Therefore, many people love to use it in cooking because it won’t cover the original aroma of the other ingredients. Moreover, Fuli Pala also is rich in Vitamin A, essential oil, mineral, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, and other beneficial substances. Therefore, adding it to your cooking also makes it healthy.

As for treatment usage, fuli pala Indonesia is a good choice for treating various health problems, such as:

  • Digestive problem or gastric problem,
  • Improve the blood circulation and control your body temperature,
  • The pharmaceutical industry uses it to create a medicine for nausea, vomiting, dysentery and bloating.

Make sure you consult with the doctor first before you use the nutmeg mace for treating those health problems. Similar to other ingredients, it also has several side effects, which could be problematic if it doesn’t match your body condition.

Agra Berkat Semesta: Choose the best Fuli Pala Indonesia Supplier

Now, you know why you should try Fuli Pala. Next, you also need to know the best supplier where you can buy and get this product. For that reason, PT. Agra Berkat Semesta is the best choice. Why must this company buy Fuli Pala Indonesia?

Agra Berkat Semesta (ABS) has many experiences in this industry. This company also has a team of experts that ensure the product of Fuli Pala they sold is high-quality products. Moreover, they have been working together with local farmers to get a fresh supply of Fuli Pala. It means they also help the local economy to grow.

This company is determined to provide the best quality of products at the most competitive prices. Furthermore, you also get the best delivery service from them. They are always on time in delivering the product. Moreover, this company has strict rules in quality control, which affects the product value you will get.

All Fuli Pala products from ABS also have fulfilled the requirement and specifications of the top-quality Fuli Pala we mentioned above. It includes the hand-picked and selected product and natural process to produce the nutmeg mace product.


Fuli Pala is one of the best spices you can find in the world. For that reason, you also need to get it from the best supplier, PT. Agra Berkat Semesta. So, visit their website to find out more about fuli pala Indonesia. You also can find other spices products there. Visit now and buy Fuli Pala from ABS.

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